REEBOW GEAR Tactical Sling Bag Pack

I purchased this pack from Amazon in 2017 for around $23, to be used for EDC. Good, sturdy, versatile pack. It’s 12”x 9.5”x 6”. As packs go, it’s fairly small, but of good size to carry a variety of essentials. Has plenty of organizational pockets and a lot of loops to attach extra gear to the outside. It has a wide shoulder strap that makes for comfortable carrying, and a waist strap that can be used to secure it on ones back as a back pack style bag. It also has a nice carry handle on the top. For the money, it’s very durable and worth while.

One of the nice things about this bag, is that it has a 'concealed’ pocket on the rear that is perfect for a small to medium sized carry pistol. I say it’s concealed, but that’s a bit of an exaggeration. The pocket is hidden from view if wearing the pack. The outside of the pocket is padded and provides comfort and protection to your carry piece.

The main pocket, in the center, opens from the top with dual zippers, and has a lot of room to organize and stow your gear. There is also a large pocket with an elastic band the closes with Velcro and a smaller zipper pocket. The zipper pocket is held down with more Velcro and acts like a flap for yet ANOTHER storage pocket. This pocket has Velcro on the back of it and could be used to secure a pistol in a holster as well.

The small outside pocket on the top has a zipper closure and inside it has a pocket with wide elastic bands to further separate and organize your stuff.

The larger, zippered pocket on the outside, at the bottom, has a pocket and a lot more of those wide, elastic bands to hold gear. There is also a small J-clip on a tether, presumably for a key ring.

And finally, one last zipper pocket on the outside of the last one. This is just a simple storage space.

I carried this bag for nearly two years and found it to be quite tough. No seams splitting, the straps have held with no issues. I did ‘upgrade’ to a larger bag, but I believe I will be transitioning back into this one for EDC, as the larger the bag, the more one tends to try to carry and the larger bag has gotten a bit cumbersome, in my opinion, to be an EDC/everywhere bag.