What is 'prepping'?

To put it plainly, prepping is just being prepared for the unexpected

After all, no one really EXPECTS a disaster. However, things can. and do, happen. Earthquake? Flood? Hurricane? Tornado? What if scenarios go on and on.

Most of us go through our day to day lives and take for granted our modern conveniences. What would you, as the reader, do if you found yourself in a situation without power, roads blocked, and running water tainted? If power is out, phones and cell phones could be down. In Nov, 2018, when hurricane Michael slammed into Florida, water supplies were tainted and not readily drinkable ,cell phone coverage was down for over two weeks. And then it was spotty, at best. Roads were dangerous and sometimes impassable.

Let’s take it a step further….what if you found yourself in this situation work? Many of us work 5, 10, 15 or 20 miles from home, maybe more! If you had no transportation, how long would it take you to get home? Under ideal conditions, the average adult should be able to walk 20 miles in a day (assuming a 3 mph average). But we aren’t talking about ideal conditions, are we? Consider for a moment that you find yourself 20 miles from home, during the summer, and in order to get home you must walk. If your travel is obstructed by debris and you are forced to travel around obstacles like downed power poles or buildings, you could be lucky to make 1.5 miles per hour. So now that 6-7 hour trek will now be 13+. So now you are looking at a two day trip, meaning you will have to spend the night along your route, or walk in the dark- which could be extremely hazardous!

Someone that isn’t prepared is putting their life in jeopardy, and possibly those around them. I don’t mean to talk doom and gloom. I don’t know that anything is going to happen, I certainly can’t tell the future. But on the other hand, because I don’t know the future, I want to be ready for whatever may come.

Let’s be clear, I do not think it is feasible to be totally ready for any and all circumstances. However, I do think there are certain things we can do to be ready for MOST.

At least that is the approach I intend to take. I intend to be ready for reasonable happenings, natural disasters being top of the list.